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Imagine traveling halfway across the world, descending over 400 feet underground in a tiny elevator, and spending nearly a week in the vast, cathedral-like salt mines under Romania to compete in the most elite model airplane contest on the planet. Officially known as the “F1D World Championships”, pilots representing over 12 countries attempt to keep their plane flying as long as possible. After devoting years of time into construction and practice for no material reward, glory becomes their primary incentive. Like any competition, cheating and controversy are an integral part of the sport. Float follows the tumultuous journey of Brett Sanborn and Yuan Kang Lee, two American competitors as they prepare for and compete at the World Championships. 

Competitors spend countless hours anxiously hunched over workbenches, delicately assembling sophisticated components of the plane to achieve minimum weight. Float highlights the precise process of how these planes are built and the science that explains how they fly. It’s a game of microns and milligrams as they slice paper thin sheets of balsa wood and delicately glue the gossamer airplanes together. Devoted as the they are, the community is dying. As the number of participants drops, it becomes uncertain if this sport will endure in our increasingly digital world.

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